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Press Release

U.S. Rep. Castor announces her 2021 nominations to U.S. military academies

Today, U.S. Rep. Kathy Castor (FL14) announced 26 students representing more than ten local high schools received nominations for admission into our nation’s military academies: Air Force (USAFA), Navy (USNA), Army (USMA) and Merchant Marine (USMMA).

“I am proud to nominate a diverse, impressive group of students from the Tampa Bay area to attend our nation’s prestigious service academies,” said Castor. “These dedicated students are the leaders of tomorrow, and I’m grateful for their commitment to serving our nation.

“My dedicated Nomination Committee puts in careful thought and time every year to thoroughly review each application and meet with each interested student individually, and I appreciate their important contribution,” Castor continued.  “Tampa Bay is a patriotic community, and our committee members are devoted to developing bright young leaders that will shape the future of America’s armed forces and our nation.”

Photos of the nominees can be found here.

Receiving a nomination to one of our nation’s military academies is an essential step towards receiving an appointment to the academies. Nominations are earned based upon each student’s interview with Castor’s Nomination Committee, their academic record, participation in extracurricular activities and demonstrated leadership qualities. Because of the stringent application requirements, many students begin working on what it takes to apply as early as their first year of high school.

Based upon the process established by federal law, all U.S. military academies, except the Coast Guard Academy, require either a service-connected or Congressional nomination (from their member of Congress, U.S. Senator or the Vice President of the United States). Parents and students interested in the nomination process can work with their school guidance counselors and find more information at

Castor will announce official appointments at a later date after being notified of appointments by the academies. Today’s announcement is the conclusion of Castor’s 2021 competitive nomination process. The nominees who receive an appointment from a U.S. military academy will attend their respective academies in the 2022-2023 school year.

U.S. Rep. Castor granted her nomination to the following students for one or more of the U.S. military academies:

Scott Larguier, Berkeley Prep – USMA

Amani Haskins, Robinson High School – USMA

Archie Dennis, The Lays School, Cambridge, UK – USMA

Ryan Maney, Plant High School – USMA

John Overton, King High School – USMA

Gabriel Slater, Carrollwood Day School – USMA + USAFA

Maxwell Fuller, Robinson High School – USMA

Madison Lawrence, Plant High School – USNA + USMA

Gabrielle Hernandez, Middleton High School (Georgia Military College) – USMA

Jacob Ellis, Hillsborough High School – USAFA

Madeline Frank, Robinson High School – USNA

Adrianna Cook, Ramstein High School – USNA + USAFA

Lauren McCain, Wharton High School – USNA

Conrad DuFault, Steinbrenner High School – USNA

Sara Arroyave, Robinson High School – USAFA

David Switzer, Freedom High School – USNA + USAFA

Pate Griffey, Cambridge Christian School – USNA

Alexis Baez, Leto High School – USNA

Richard Gonzalez, Steinbrenner High School – USNA

Jamison Ringvelski, homeschooled – USMMA

Katherine Dingwall, Robinson High School – USAFA

Solei Montalvo, Gaither High School – USAFA

Michael Watson, Cocoa Beach High School – USMMA

Dante Des Rosier, Berkeley Prep – USAFA

Joseph Pleinis, Plant High School – USAFA

Camilla Quintero, Steinbrenner High School – USAFA