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Informe sobre reforma migratoria con Congresista Kathy Castor

Broadcast on Infomas on 04/12/2017

Democrats in Washington continue to search for comprehensive immigration reform, an issue currently disregarded by the Trump administration.

Tampa Congresswoman, Kathy Castor, spoke to her constituents about the future at Café con Kathy in Ybor City.

“Not only has she always fought for immigration reform, DREAMers, and keeping families together, she has been an open and accessible Congresswoman," said Daniel Barajas, Young American Dreamers.

Rep. Castor said that priorities right now for Republicans are health care repeal and tax reform, and that the Trump administration seems to not be targeting DREAMERs.

"If we’re going to build jobs, improve the economy, and bring hope to the families in Florida we need a path to citizenship for all," Rep. Castor said.

Rep. Castor answered questions from the audience about work visas, action against lawyers who take advantage of immigrants, and how to get involved. But one that caused some controversy was about “sanctuary cities” and collaboration between federal agencies (ICE) and local authorities.

“The term ‘sanctuary city’ was created to divide people and instill fear. It is not a useful term and it is not legally defined. Anyone here illegally is at risk of being deported, but families should not be torn apart and immigration enforcement is not the responsibility of local authorities.”

Although the future is uncertain, Rep. Castor motivated attendees to get involved politically and never give up.

“If only 1 percent of us get into public service or run for public office, we can completely change the political climate in the country. And that is what they are afraid of,” Barajas said.