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Press Release

Rep. Castor Statement on DeSantis' Cruel Abortion Ban

Governor signs ban out of public view in uncommon late night ceremony

“While Floridians slept last night, Governor DeSantis signed away the rights of women and families to determine when and if to have children by approving one of the harshest abortion bans in the country. The unprecedented ban on first trimester abortion care by DeSantis and Republican legislators is dangerous and extreme. The DeSantis abortion ban will cost lives and force women into childbirth who are not ready or able to care for a child and delay necessary medical care for distressed pregnancies. The DeSantis abortion ban also flies in the face of Florida’s constitutional right to privacy that prohibits government intrusion into the private lives of Floridians.

“Combined with Florida’s harsh mandatory 24-hour delay in abortion care, the DeSantis abortion ban will criminalize women and doctors for their personal, private medical decisions. Women, families and doctors should make critical decisions about their lives and their futures – not extremist politicians. This is a dark day for our state, especially for the women who call it home. Abortion bans are deeply unpopular and wrong, and I will press Congress to approve the Women’s Health Protection Act to guarantee that women and doctors can access safe abortion care as understood under Roe v. Wade. This fight is not over.”