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Press Release

Thanks to Inflation Reduction Act and USF-led Navigators, A Record 3.2 Million Floridians Find Lower Costs for Health Care and Lead Nation in Affordable Care Act Enrollment

The results are in, and U.S. Rep. Kathy Castor (FL14) is crediting the landmark Inflation Reduction Act and University of South Florida-led Navigators for record enrollment in Affordable Care Act marketplace sign-ups for 2023! Over 3.2 million Floridians found affordable health care plans for the calendar year – a substantial increase over the 2.7 million covered last year. Floridians were helped by free and independent health care navigators led by the University of South Florida “Covering Kids and Families” team and new discounts in the Inflation Reduction Act championed by Democrats in Congress and President Biden at a time when they needed a boost to their pocketbooks.

“Since Democrats in Congress passed and President Obama signed the historic Affordable Care Act into law 13 years ago, more Floridians have taken advantage of the lower costs and quality care provided by the marketplace plans than any other state. And thanks to the Inflation Reduction Act, Floridians will save an average of $590/year, spending no more than 8.5% of their income on premiums, while receiving all the benefits of the Affordable Care Act including coverage for preexisting conditions like cancer and diabetes.

“Florida’s consistently high sign-ups can be attributed in large part to the incredible USF-led Navigators who were on hand to help our neighbors every step of the way as they searched for the best option for their family with free, expert advice. I am grateful for their work to support our community and ensure that all Floridians were able to get covered this open enrollment period.

“I came to Congress to fight for affordable health care for Floridians and an end to discrimination for pre-existing conditions, so it is gratifying to see so many Florida families find quality, affordable care. Connecting families with the health care they need at costs they can afford remains one of my top priorities in Congress – I am proud of the work that we’ve done to expand access to affordable care through federal legislation like the Inflation Reduction Act and American Rescue Plan, and will continue working to make these savings permanent.”