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Press Release

Rep. Castor: Disaster Relief for Hard-Hit Florida Communities Contained in Government “Continuing Resolution” to be Voted on in Congress Tomorrow

In an effort to avoid any delay in emergency disaster aid to hard-hit Floridians, Congressional Democrats have included $18 Billion for the FEMA Disaster Relief Fund (DRF) in the Government Funding “Continuing Resolution” to be voted on by the House tomorrow. As Florida communities assess the damage of Hurricane Ian and begin recovery efforts, federal emergency aid can flow without delay to the individuals and counties most in need under President Biden’s Major Disaster Declaration.

“We must ensure that emergency responders and local communities have the resources necessary for recovery, so I strongly support the addition to FEMA’s Disaster Relief Fund and urge all lawmakers to support the CR as well. I also am pleased that the bill includes an extension of the National Flood Insurance Program to ensure flood claims are paid and coverage is available. Neighbors across Florida can count on me to support them in the days and months ahead.”

Funding for FEMA assistance comes from the Disaster Relief Fund appropriated by Congress. By adding $18 Billion to the DRF now, Florida can breathe easier that emergency aid funds will be available without a need for an near term supplemental emergency funding bill for Hurricane Ian.