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Press Release

Rep. Castor Statement on Gov. DeSantis’ Extreme Abuse of Power

The governor’s actions constitute an extreme abuse of power — a new low for Governor DeSantis who fails our great state with his mean-spirited, selfish and fiscally-irresponsible focus on his political ambitions alone. Floridians should be up in arms over the DeSantis policy to turn girls, women and doctors into criminals for personal health decisions. We certainly are in Hillsborough County.

Florida’s extreme MAGA governor shows how far out of the mainstream he is as puts his personal politics above the interests of Florida women and families to control their own bodies and make the decision that’s best for them. State Attorney Andrew Warren is a trusted leader in Hillsborough County, duly elected by our neighbors with the discretion to make prosecutorial decisions. Unfortunately, this is a new low for Ron DeSantis as he attempts to distract from his numerous failures as governor including higher costs for Floridians, dirty bays and waterways, and low education rankings to name a few.

The Republican agenda is clear: criminalize women’s health care, roll back our rights and feed your political ambitions rather than the people you are elected to serve. I will continue to stand up to this overreach and make plain just how extreme and reckless DeSantis and Republicans have become in a state that deserves so much better.