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Press Release

Rep. Castor Statement on Gov. DeSantis Signing H.B. 919, Anti-Consumer, Anti-Clean Energy Bill into Law

“In a victory for the fossil fuel corporations over the citizens of Florida, Governor Ron DeSantis signed an extreme, anti-consumer, anti-clean energy bill into law late yesterday that preempts local communities from expanding clean energy and cost-saving energy efficiency. DeSantis and the GOP-controlled legislature continue to do the bidding of the fossil fuel and electric utility industries - even as the costs to Floridians and harms from the climate crisis escalate. The governor was hoping that Floridians would not notice as it was included in a large group of bills signed without mention late yesterday. The only appropriate course now for the governor would be for him to change Florida’s moniker from the “Sunshine State” to the “Dirty Gas No Matter What State."