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Castor Statement on House Vote Sending Articles of Impeachment to Senate

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Washington, January 15, 2020 | comments
Castor statement on the House of Representatives sending articles of impeachment over to the Senate.
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“As more incriminatory evidence pours out relating to President Trump’s abuse of power, the U.S. Senate owes the American people a fair impeachment trial with all relevant witnesses and documents. The impeachment trial is not another partisan Washington fight, but a somber moment for America to grapple with the fact that the president undermined our elections and national security, and that he is subject to removal from office.

“I have confidence in the impeachment managers, especially my friend and colleague Congresswoman Val Demings of Orlando. Congresswoman Demings is the former police chief and a 27-year veteran of the Orlando Police Department. She is smart, focused and does not tolerate wrong-doing, particularly when it involves foreign manipulation of our elections and our national security.”

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