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U.S. Rep. Castor's Statement on the Threat to Florida's Families and Economy Under Trump's Budget

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Washington, May 23, 2017 | comments
U.S. Rep. Kathy Castor (FL14) released the following statement on the threat to Floridians and businesses under President Donald Trump's budget that savages jobs, our economic future, health and education. The Trump budget plan was released today:
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U.S. Rep. Kathy Castor (FL14) released the following statement on the threat to Floridians and businesses under President Donald Trump's budget that savages jobs, our economic future, health and education.  The Trump budget plan was released today:

“President Trump’s budget is an immediate threat to my neighbors, families and small business owners,” U.S. Rep. Castor said.  “If we were discussing the budget around the kitchen table, you would be aghast at its fundamental policy choices.  Tampa Bay working families are particularly in the crosshairs as benefits flow to millionaires, handouts go to corporations and American progress takes a backseat.  It’s time to say loud and clear: hands off families working to get ahead.

“With so many students graduating from high school this week, Trump socks it to them by raising the costs of student loans, shrinking the Pell grant over time and ending work-study.  By hobbling our kids and their educational prospects now, Trump is threatening their future and indeed Florida’s and the country’s.

“I fear for our older neighbors as well because Trump proposes to eliminate Meals on Wheels, ratchet back help for Alzheimer patients in nursing homes, steal $610 billion from Medicaid on top of the cuts included in Trumpcare and slash basic living allowances under Social Security SSI.  In fact, despite promises to the contrary, Trump would end Medicaid health care as we have known it for 50 years – a promise that nursing home care, a child with a complex condition, or people with severe disabilities would not live in destitution.  Yet the richest of Americans would pocket a tax cut at their expense. 

“Trump’s budget takes aim at women at their toughest moments.  It would end assistance for victims of sexual or domestic abuse and basic access to reproductive health care.

“Trump’s budget results in an economy that is out of balance, one that takes away school lunches from hungry kids and food assistance for struggling families.

“The Trump budget does not stop there.  It would devastate investment in research and development – our search for new medicines and cures – by cutting the National Institutes of Health by more than $7 billion, a massive 20 percent cut.  This would devastate research in lifesaving cures and treatments for cancer, diabetes and so much more.  And, as we know locally, NIH cuts go to the heart of economic engines like Moffitt Cancer Center and USF and the higher-paying jobs they generate.

“Trump’s budget will also hurt local small businesses by stealing billions from critical job-creating investments to repair our crumbling roads and bridges and investments in innovation and clean energy, which are at the heart of many of our entrepreneurs.  Trump also eliminates TIGER grants to local communities – such as the one which helped finish our popular Tampa Riverwalk and slashes the Small Business assistance by tearing apart skills training programs pivotal to helping American workers and many veterans obtain stable employment in the modern economy.  The Trump budget leaves behind many broken promises he made to America’s working families.

“Instead, Trump should focus on steps to increase economic growth, create higher-paying jobs and help the working class.  Instead of eliminating transit, community development and TIGER grants, let’s invest in modern infrastructure and transportation initiatives that Tampa Bay needs to create jobs.

“If Trump really wanted to help working families he would reject policies and budgets like this one that put his millionaire and billionaire family and friends first.  Instead he would invest in research, education and our crumbling roads and bridges and create jobs for families struggling to achieve the American Dream.”


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