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U.S. Rep. Castor's Statement re: the CBO's Report on the House Republican Health Care Repeal Bill

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Washington, March 13, 2017 | comments

The CBO today released its report on the devastating impact the House Republican health care repeal bill will have on American families:

“It is unconscionable that Republicans are cutting health care for millions of Americans while providing massive tax breaks to the wealthy few. Fourteen million more Americans will be uninsured under the Republican repeal scheme than under current law in 2018. By 2026, 24 million more of our neighbors will be uninsured.

“The impartial CBO report also shows that the Republican repeal bill would gut Medicaid -- forcing states to reduce benefits and cut payments to providers, limiting access and coverage for millions to the program. Five million fewer people would be covered under Medicaid by 2018, and 14 million fewer people would enroll in the program by 2026.”

U.S. Rep. Castor (FL14) serves as the Vice Ranking Member of the House Energy & Commerce Committee which, last week, began consideration of the Republican repeal bill and continued in a session that lasted more than 27 hours. She led her Democratic colleagues in offering amendment after amendment to protect Americans from Republicans’ assault on health care and to drive home to Republicans the pain and chaos their bill would cause American families. But they opposed these measures and the GOP rammed their bill through the committee. U.S. Rep. Castor will continue to fight Republican efforts to reverse the huge gains in coverage and peace of mind that the Affordable Care Act has brought families across the country. 

The Congressional Budget Office’s report on the House Republicans' bill to repeal the Affordable Care Act can be read here.


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