Rep. Kathy Castor

Dear Friend,

Everyone I know is heartbroken by the death and devastation caused by America’s gun violence epidemic in El Paso, Texas, Dayton, Ohio and communities across America every day.  I hear consistently from our neighbors with heartfelt messages and calls for action.

Congress has a duty to prevent gun violence and House Democrats have taken action.  Nearly six months ago, I helped lead my colleagues in passing H.R. 8, the Bipartisan Background Check Act, a commonsense bill that ensures all gun sales and transfers are subject to a background check that should help stop senseless violence by individuals who should not have a firearm.  House Democrats also passed H.R. 1112, the Enhanced Background Checks Act, to close the “Charleston loophole” after the South Carolina gunman in 2015 was able to purchase weapons after a 3-day federal background check ran out of time to turn up a prior conviction.  The bill would extend the time to complete a background check.  I also am cosponsoring bills to reinstate the ban on military-style assault weapons.

Senate Leader Mitch McConnell and Senate Republicans have refused to bring these bills to a vote.  Their inaction is inexcusable.  My colleague U.S. Rep. Mike Thompson, Chairman of the Gun Violence Prevention Task Force, and I and other members are urging Senate Leader McConnell to call the Senate back into session and take immediate action to pass these bills.  I encourage you to weigh in as well by calling Senators McConnell, Rubio and Scott through the Senate switchboard at 202-224-3121 or their local offices.

Thank you for being an engaged citizen!  I look forward to hearing from you at upcoming one-on-one sessions this month on this and issues important to Tampa Bay.


Kathy Castor

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